A tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.


Single Use Sterile Tattoo Needles

All needles are single use and sterile.  They are pre-made, packaged and sterilized by the manufacturer.  All sterilization certificates from its needle suppliers are kept on site.

Single Use Sterile Disposable Tubes & Ink Caps

Artists at Classic Tattoo use plastic disposable tubes which are disposed of after each use. Ink is deposited into ink caps which are thrown out after use.

Autoclave Sterilization

All sterilizing at Classic Tattoo is done by using an above industry standard Autoclave. Autoclaving is the only acceptable method of tool sterilization at tattoo studios.  All reusable tools such as metal tubes are sterilized in this manner.  All tattoo studios should test their autoclave each month by spore testing which is sent to an independent lab for testing.  Classic Tattoo's current spore tests are posted in the window of our scrub room, behind the front desk.


Tattoo Care

How do I take care of my tattoo once I am home?


The quality of your tattoo can be greatly affected by how you care for it, please follow these instructions to make sure your tattoo will heal properly. 

  1. Remove the bandaging after 3-4 hours for smaller tattoos, next day for larger. DO NOT re-bandage
  2. Wash immediately after un-bandaging with warm water using finger tips and a mild unscented soap.
  3. Wash 2-3 times a day for the first 2 days
  4. After first 2 days, apply ONLY a light amount of tattoo care lotion (you can purchase at Dark Hour Ink) 2-3 times per day, until skin returns to normal (4 weeks)
  5. DO NOT pick or scratch scabs!
  6. NO SUN, HOT TUBS, POOLS, OR TANNING for the first 3 weeks. Showering is ok you just don't want to soak your new tattoo!
  7. Always use a good sunscreen (SPF 30) on tattoo after tattoo has healed
  8. Do not hesitate to call with your questions or concerns!

Saniderm Aftercare

Whys is your Artist Choosing to use Saniderm?

“Saniderm locks in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes, which would otherwise be lost to evaporation or scabs. These fluids keep cells hydrated and more effectively break down and remove dead tissue, so growth of new cells is stimulated and pain is significantly reduced. Saniderm provides a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and friction, while at the same time being completely breathable – inviting oxygen to the skin and eliminating bacteria growth. Studies show that wounds kept hydrated can heal twice as fast as dry wounds.”

What We Want You To Do

First off, we would like to say thank-you for your recent body modification, and choosing Dark hour Ink to help you with your new addition.
That being said your artist has briefly told you the duration in which you are to be keeping your “Saniderm” bandage on for, and your basic fundamentals required to achieve optimal healing. That being said we also know how exciting it is to have new artwork on your body, and in the midst of admiring your new piece it’s easy to forget exactly what we want you to do. So here’s a refreshment:

You are to keep the bandage on for 2.5 days (if you have any questions or concerns call Des, Scott, Or Katt at the shop before removing bandage if unsure)

  • This bandage is waterproof (however using a luffa or any soaps with micro-beads is not recommended as it will lift off the adhesive,Baths, Saunas, Hot tubs and other still bodies of water are also not recommended, so keep showers short).
  • This bandage IS pet friendly and does not allow pet dander of any sort inside your new tattoo.
  • THE only time the bandage is to be removed before the 2.5 is if the bandage lifts and or fluids leak outside of the bandage and your new tattoo is exposed, if that does happen, remove bandage as it is no longer sealed, no longer sanitary, and no longer doing you any benefits.